May 2016

Tormenta Films travels to the Marché du Cannes, to continue the search for international co-producers and sales agents. We’ll be from 13 to 18. See you there!

Abril 2016

Cristina travels to Bergen (Norway) for the final workshop of ACE. She will review with the experts all the progress made on La Elvira. In addition, many other producers around the world will be there, members of this association. Very productive days talking about movies, projects, and collaboration options.

March 2016

The Americas returns to its original title: La Elvira. It is the name of the ship where the story is set.

Cristina participates in "CIMA Mentoring" 2016 (

February 2016

We have the draft of The Americas. One we are very happy with. It has been an exciting creative process, complex, hard, at times. But Curro Novallas has finished a draft that contains everything that makes this story special.

October 2015

First and second ACE workshops: Paris (mid-month), and Cologne (Germany), at the end of October. At the first one, Cristina works with the experts on screenplay development matters. At the second, the main focus is financing opportunities and strategies. Cristina is back with many ideas and suggestions for The Americas to keep moving forward.

September 2015

Cristina Zumarraga is selected to be part of ACE (Atelier du Cinéma Européen, with the project The Americas. We are very happy. It is the third Spanish producer who is selected, in the history of this international association of producers. Tormenta Films continues the path to a more international editorial line!

April 2015

We present In a Foreign Land, our documentary, at the Spanish Cinema Festival of Malaga.

February 2015

Tormenta Films travels to the EFM (European Film Market) to present The Americas and contact potential co-producers and sales agents. We held some very interesting meetings, and now it is a matter of following up and keep working. Next essential step: finishing a perfect draft of the script!

November 2014

Tormenta Films obtains the development grant by Ibermedia with The Americas. Ibermedia is becoming increasingly competitive every year: just 5 Spanish projects has been awarded in 2014.

You can browse the list of projects selected in this link:

October de 2014

Tormenta Films obtains the development grant by MEDIA Single Development (2nd call 2014), with the project The Americas. It has been a complex work but it was worth it. This year, only 6 Spanish projects have been selected, and only three in the category of "Fiction".

In addition, we have received a very high score on the topics of marketing and distribution. It is always such a satisfaction to see that the effort is rewarded.

You can take a look at the list of projects selected throughout Europe in the following link: